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Is this a coincidence?


The belief that correlation implies causation is a compelling one. It can drive you to believe that ‘they’ are watching your every move, that nightlights cause myopia, or that the thunderbolts are hurled by a bearded senior citizen atop Mount Olympus.

And sometimes it’s just funny.

Each of the two graphs you see is randomly selected from a selection of about twenty, and occasionally they look eerily similar. When this happens, it obviously means that there is some sort of connection between them.

It would of course work better if the system used some sort of algorithm to return pairs that fit better or are more likely to be funny. This isn’t there now because Rob is not a clever man (rather like this dude).

The idea for this website was stolen from the Redditors Unidan and hypno_beam, as a result of this comment. This story is also available via the medium of badly-drawn vector art.

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