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If you would like to leave a publicly-visible comment or question, go to the feedback page. You can also contact us via email using coincidenceithinknot [at] gmail [dot] com!

New feature: we are now using “public labels”. For example, if you want to email us about cake, send it to coincidenceithinknot+cake [at] gmail [dot] com! Here are the labels we use (last updated 15th July 2010):

Label Purpose
cake Deception, treachery and baked goods.
comment Any comments at all!
complaint Vitriol-laden rants (or polite statements that we’ve done something wrong!)
inquiry Any questions related to this site or its relatives. And offers from exiled Nigerian royalty.
praise Ooh, we’ve done something right? Cool!
legal Anything related to the legalese page. Also any threats to sue us.
takedown Does something you own seem to have been uploaded to this site without your permission? Let us know!
rob For contacting the administrator personally. Not sure why you’d need to do this.