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This is Rob’s best attempt at writing a privacy policy. It probably needs improvement.

What information does this website collect?

This website uses Google Analytics, which will collect a variety of non-personally-identifying information about your visit to this website. This may include, for example, information about which pages you visit, the country in which your computer appears to be, or what Web browser you are using. None of the information collected will be made public. It will soon be possible to opt out of being tracked by Google Analytics, and news about this will be available on this page.

If you vote on a graph, a “hash” of your IP address will be stored by our system, along with the time that you voted. Again, this is not personally identifying and will never be made public.

If you submit a graph, we will also have a copy of whatever personal information is included with the submission. We will take all reasonable precautions to protect this information, and will only publish certain parts of it (specifically: the name or pseudonym which you provide and all provided details about the graph.).

If you would like us to delete this information, email coincidenceithinknot [at] gmail [dot] com. We should be able to destroy all personally identifying information within 48 hours except in unusual circumstances.

Please do not use this website for any illegal purposes.

Last updated: 27th June 2010.

Why is this policy not in proper legalese?

Rob is not a lawyer. If any lawyers wish to translate this into legalese, please email the translation to the address above. :)