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A little something to clog up your RSS reader

Posted on 07 Jun 2010 by Rob
Just a little heads-up: the 'hottest' ordering on the Popular Graphs page now works properly! Previously it was showing pretty much exactly the same as the 'default' ordering, but I've fixed that now.

(For the techies among you: I had previously used MySQL's NOW() function instead of the CURDATE() function when calculating the age of each pairing. This was of course foolish, because I was subtracting a date from the current UNIX time in seconds. Basically, everything looked like it was the same age!)

Feeds now available!

Posted on 05 Jun 2010 by Rob
There are now more RSS/Atom feeds available! They're all listed on the list of all feeds.

There are three options of things to subscribe to: News, Graphs and Pairs of Graphs. News, of course, updates when this news thing does, Graphs updates whenever a new graph is uploaded, and Pairs of Graphs updates when pairs of graphs are upvoted.

But, since nobody probably wants to be bombarded with dozens of updates per day, there are three separate feeds for pairs of graphs, each of which only shows pairs above a certain level of popularity. This basically means you can choose (within certain limits) how often you want to hear about new graphs.

Any comments, complaints or suggestions about this new feature should be directed at the feedback page. I'm very interested to hear what you think of the new features :)

P.S.: I'll be uploading a few more graphs sometime this weekend. If anyone wants to submit a graph of their own, feel free to use the form at the bottom of the front page!

edit: Spotted a couple of small problems with these RSS feeds - they seem to be updating more frequently than expected. I'm looking into that at the moment.
edit #2: Should be working now.

Site improvements

Posted on 03 Jun 2010 by Rob
So, it turns out that some people like this website. That's pretty cool!

Just to warn you ahead of time though: you might come across an undiscovered problem with the site, since there are still some 'bugs' that need to be fixed.

At the moment I'm looking into a way to make an RSS/Atom feed for the Popular page. Basically that could tell you whether, for example, someone had just discovered a particularly funny pair of graphs on the voting page.

Speaking of graphs, I'll probably be uploading a few more sometime this week.


Posted on 31 May 2010 by Rob

If you're new: hello, and welcome to “Coincidence? I think not.”!

Nothing to report at the moment. News about changes to the site will be reported here, so why not subscribe to the RSS feed? (or follow on Facebook/Twitter if that's how you roll)

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