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This is the story of where this website came from, told in short sentences and crappy vector art.


In 2005, two dudes called Unidan and hypno_beam came up with an idea:

Image: Unidan and hypno_beam come up with an idea

Five years later, Unidan told the unwashed masses of the Intertubes about his idea. It was popular.

Image: Unidan speaks to the Unwashed Masses

In fact, hundreds of people liked it. One dude even created something similar, using the swiftness of ten grizzly bears to sculpt a website from naught in the blink of a glass eye.

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The party ended eventually.

After some time, a rather slow fellow crept out of the metaphorical kitchen of this particular Reddit superparty to see what was left.

Image: Ooh, look what I found!

Oh look, what’s this? He carried the idea away and slowly built a home for it at the far end of the Intertubes. Then people like you found it, and everything just kept on getting better from there.

Last updated: 3rd May 2010.